Why Should Businesses and Small Businesses Hire a Virtual Assistant?
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Why Should Businesses and Small Businesses Hire a Virtual Assistant?

Business is difficult and we understand that you have more important things to focus on. That is why utilizing a Virtual Assistant is a very smart idea. Check out the reasons why!

In this declining economy when even businesses are having to cut costs, there is one profession that is flourishing; being a Virtual Assistant. There are many reasons for this though the main reasons would be that it saves money, time and space. Since virtual assistants work from home and work on a per-project basis, companies are more inclined to hire a virtual assistant when they lay off an employee. This saves the company money 1. by hiring a VA (or virtual assistant) that is much less cost than a salaried employee and 2. since they telecommute, there is no additional cost for office space out of the company's pocket.

  • Virtual Assistants are All Business: Virtual assistants choose that profession because they are all business and they love what they do. A VA will definitely be detail oriented and will get the job done, since they are paid per project or per task. Virtual assistants will work closely with their clients and have quite a bit of correspondence about the project or task that they have been assigned to work on. While this correspondence is usually done via phone, instant messaging, skype or e-mail; some Virtual Assistants do have face to face meetings to get the job done.
  • You are in Complete Control: Since you hired the virtual assistant, they will work very closely with you on the task they have been assigned. VAs are very open to constructive criticism and are always prepared to make numerous changes to meet or exceed expectations of the business or company that hired them.
  • They are Cost Effective: As we touched on before, Virtual Assistants are a very cost effective way to get work done. Outsourcing is becoming very popular in the age of technology because of the low cost. They are paid by project or by the hour only when they are working on a project and not paid like a salaried employee. Virtual Assistants price competitively since they know there are many others out there that offer the same services, so do your homework and compare the prices. Outsourcing and hiring a VA means you do not have to pay insurance costs, sick days, vacation days, office space, office supplies and so on. Virtual Assistants work from their home office and they would have all of the supplies needed to run their own business and to help yours succeed.
  • Flexibility: Since Virtual Assistants work from home, they are usually always able to be reached. If you need a quick after-hours job, Virtual Assistants will usually assist you with any last minute tasks that you need done whenever you need them to assist. (VA's may charge an extra fee for working after hours.)
  • They are Knowledgeable: Since Virtual Assistants have perfected their craft over years of research, they are very knowledgeable and can get your job done right. VAs are committed to completing your task or job with quality work and know just what may work and what won't work with various situations. They can lend their opinions and maybe open up new ideas that you wouldn't have thought of.

Hiring a virtual assistant can be one of the best things a company can do for themselves and for their success. Virtual Assistants know that businesses have an exhausting amount of work to do to stay on top, that's why they assist in making that load lighter and taking on the smaller tasks. There is no shame in asking for help and putting your hiring power to good use. In fact, hiring a VA is one of the smartest moves that one company can make.

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