Top 10 Valid Work at Home Jobs
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Top 10 Valid Work at Home Jobs

Lost your job? Need extra income? These work at home job descriptions can help you make an income at home.

Finding work at home jobs is a no brainer, but finding a work at home job that's valid is another matter altogether. Some traditional positions are translated into the internet and can create good, valid work at home jobs. Besides online work, there are other ways you can work at home and make a living wage. Both are listed here.

1. Writing for multiple sites

Include Factoidz, but look at other sites that publish content on an ongoing basis. Don't be afraid to tackle any of them, even the magazine sites. Go to a search engine and search for "freelance writers," and you'll have at least a day's worth of work figuring where and what you can write. Try out places like Associated Content and eHow. Write it. Just do it. Join where you have to, write wherever you can.

2. Work at Home in Customer Care

More than ever, companies are hiring people to work at home. They will usually pay for your internet access, but you're responsible for the computer. You log into their site and use their software to email answers, chat live or to take phone calls just like in a call center.

3. eBay seller

Got stuff? Sell it on eBay! And when you run out of your own stuff, sell other people's stuff for a commission. All yuo need to do is study eBay's system and learn how to write the best descriptions. Opening a store on eBay is a good move, too.

4. Contract work editing, handling forums and their software or working on SEO, HTML and so on

Many web sites need help doing all the things that keep a site fresh and relevant. That includes editing, uploading, checking, technical assistance, SEO work, writing or finding scripts, advertising, bookkeeping and on and on. If you can do any of it (or learn to), you may be able to work at home helping a site or sites.

5. Web designer

Since the first browser opened up the internet to the world, pages and sites have been designed to appeal to the reader or user.If you know HTML, XML, can do graphics, write scripts, etc., you can work at home designing web sites for those who don't know how, or who don't have the time to.

6. Crafts designer

Have you ever made anything without a pattern? Knitting, sewing, woodworking, whatever your hobby or craft, there is a market for original designs. Selling designs pays better than selling the product, and you work at home.

7. Book seller

Buying and selling books is an art and a science. You go to garage sales, estate sales, thrift stores or wherever you can find books for a good price, then you buy them and resell them for more. You have to learn what books will sell and how much you should pay for them. This isn't strictly a work at home job because you have to get out, but it's definitely home based. You can sell on eBay, Amazon or directly to customers.

8. Blogger

Darren Rowse has given dignity to bloggers. He makes his living writing for blogs and isn't shy to tell others how to make money blogging, too. Read his stuff (, take it to heart and start a blog that will pay you.

9. Child care

You'll have to get a license for daycare in your home but you can call the shots. To get the most business, be open five days a week for those who work from 8 or 9 AM to 5 PM, but if you're not a morning person, think about only caring for children in the evenings and/or overnight and advertise that. Make your own hours!

10. Consulting

I had a boss one time who thought consulting was very much overpaid and unnecessary. He had a habit of asking his employees for their opinions and insight. In reality, he was using them as consultants and doing it the hard way. If you have the courage, insight and good sense to see what a business is doing versus what it wants to do, consulting may be for you.

There you have it: 10 of the best valid work at home jobs.

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Thanks for this opportunitites you listed

Great ideas and great information. I picked up some information here. Thanks!

Great Tips Pat! I'm glad I found you again. I used to read you a lot on

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Sorry I'm so late in replying, Jean, but thank you. :)

Gr8 article with lots of useful tips.

hair bow girl

Another option, turn a favorite hobby into a job. That's what I did. I loved to make bows and now run my own site http://www.bowsoprecious to make girls hair bows, clippies, clips, and headbands.

Ranked #1 in Work At Home

That's a great idea! I should have made it eleven. :)

Great article. I've written for some of the other content sites, but have to say Factoidz is the easiest, I've gotten the most page views here and made the most money. I'd love to find one of those Customer Care jobs!

An excellent share.

I enjoy your articles and blogs so much...I mostly keep them all for the weekends with a cup of hot chocolate or linden tea...great writing Pat.

great article

Great article, Pat. The internet is opening up new jobs all the time. This list may help moms who have to pay day care. With these tips they may be able to net more by working at home and avoiding day care.

I came back to this article time and time again...

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