Time Management and Freelancers Don't Mix Well
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Time Management and Freelancers Don't Mix Well

Sometimes the clients want us to write or complete an urgent assignment and weÂ’d end up working way past bedtime.

Hands up anyone who agrees with me! Although you can say whatever you want about how good you are at time management, if you are a freelancer, you know will be lying to yourself—big time. As a telecommuting freelancer we receive works from all around the world, and in all different time zones. Sometimes the clients want us to write or complete an urgent assignment and we’d end up working way past bedtime.

This is a sad fact that every freelancers face. Not only that it messes up with our schedule, but it totally drives our body clock to the fritz. There are times that we wish we simply just stuck with our 9 to 5s. That is, of course, a lot easier than staying up all night and trying to cram 50 articles till your deadline in the morning. Whilst the pay is good, I’m not sure if risking your health is worth a little fortune.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that when you started to work freelance, you will have more time for yourself, too. Myth. You get to spend more time with your family, and you get to relish in the financial freedom and the convenience of it all. Myth. Come to think of it: That is nearly like floating on Cloud 9. All myth! Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?

Of course it does. Because it is.

What most people do not realize about freelancers is that we don’t control our timetables, and put quite simply, working freelance is actually harder than it sounds. What you used to think your life would be if you finally hit that freelancing gold mine is nothing but a dream. It doesn’t happen in real life. And knowing that is a sign that you are finally starting to wake up to the real world.

In a real world, freelance workers are chained to their deadlines, and oppressed by clients. Any form of resistance is futile. Either you will become a freelance diva and no one will hire you, or you will become a pushover freelancer and everyone will hire you. The only catch in the later is that anyone will hardly pay you what you deserve.

But despite the hardship of it all, freelancing is actually very rewarding. At least you get to make people think that you outsmarted them; lie and tell them how easy it is, to be you; make them wish they were you—all the while you also wish you weren’t you.

Ultimately, you just wish you don’t end up going crazy in the process.

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