The Best Online Market Places for Freelance Projects. Comparison Elance Vs oDesk
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The Best Online Market Places for Freelance Projects. Comparison Elance Vs oDesk

In this report

Earlier were the days when a worker had to go to the market place in search of work and had to show his set of capabilities and abilities to get a job. Then came the days of writing a CV and submitting it to different offices and on the basis of CV the decision of hiring of the worker was made. Now is the new era, and employment market has totally changed. With the introduction of outsourcing, the world has diverted towards more virtual workers and less in house man power.  For this purpose, several online virtual workforce providing marketplaces have developed. This report gives a comparison between two of the leading online marketplaces, namely, Elance and oDesk.

#1 - Elance


Elance is one of the leading virtual market place, where the two parties of the business; the employer and the employee interact and make a deal for the completion of a project. The service is free to startup, the employer and employee both can create a free account and post or bid for jobs. Elance deals in various projects, to name a few are, Multimedia and Design, Sales and Marketing, Management and Finance, and Web development and Programming. The lines below give a detail of few of the pros and cons of Elance.


  • A project placer can view the background of the bidders.
  • The employer has no obligation of choosing any of the bidders.
  • The whole bidding system is quite easy and without any cost complication.
  • A bidder has access to a limited number of bids free for a month
  • There is a vast diversity of jobs to bid on
  • The user has the option of subscribing for job updates.


  • Though Elance tries to be transparent, but still there are chances of the fraud.
  • The website does not have any as such project management system.
  • There are no records of logging time and screenshots available to view.
#2 - oDesk


oDesk is the leader when one speaks of a virtual marketplace that offers the platform for employers and employees to interact with each other. With oDesk, and employer can easily hire an employee, manage and monitor the work, and by the end pay the employer remotely. Employers in oDesk can monitor the work of the contractors any time they want to. The lines below give the associated pros and cons of oDesk from both employee and employers perspective.


  • The main benefit of oDesk is the ease of use and the well organized layout of the website.
  • The employers have the ability and access of viewing the work activity of the contractor.
  • The contractors are only liable to pay 10% once they themselves have received the payment.
  • The market and diversity of job ads is next to limitless.


  • Like any other freelance website, oDesk is also prone to ambiguity when finding right contractors.
  • Though Work Diary is the jewel of oDesk, but finding it is a frantic job for a novice.
  • The security of the account is a bit overdone, and you might have to remember all the security information you provide at the time of creating an account.
The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, the continuous economic crisis has given rise to the trend of outsourcing. Moreover, for smaller projects, there is no better website to outsource your projects then Elance and oDesk. Elance is an easy to use website and more suitable for a newbie contractor and employer, whereas oDesk is way better than Elance. If you are an employer and want to monitor the activity of your contractor, and provide updates from time to time, then oDesk provides you with such a facility. No matter whichever marketplace you chose, both have their pros and cons, and the former supersedes the later.

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