Scams to Avoid When Starting to Work From Home
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Scams to Avoid When Starting to Work From Home

Scams exist everywhere on the modern day internet; they are well written and cleverly disguised. To avoid being scammed means taking extra care when you are thinking of making a payment for any goods or services.

With the computer and the internet at our fingertips there are many opportunities for people to earn money online. The success of the world wide web has enabled individuals all across the globe to gain financial rewards by starting a business from home.

Everyday innocent people are seeking advice to help them further their online business or begin a new venture. There are thousands of websites within the internet where you can find the information you require for free, regrettably many believe in the notion that to purchase a course or an ebook from an expert is the right way to go, but the ‘expert’ could be a scam to avoid.

Throughout history when money is involved there has always been a confidence trickster looking to swindle people out of their hard earned money. The internet is no exception, scammers abound waiting to prey on their next victim. The following sections are just a few of the fraudulent schemes that can be found on the internet today.

1. The ‘Too Good To Be True’ Scam. Genuine copywriters are highly skilled individuals; they are the ad men who can persuade you to buy the new flavor of the month. Unfortunately scammers also employ copywriters and they too can convince you to part with your cash. They draw you in with photos of foreign villas, expensive cars and pictures of dollar bills, all this they say for just working a couple of hours a week. All of the modern day entrepreneurs would agree, money can be made online but it takes work and a lot of it.

So you read all the way to the end of their sales pitch, were careful not to be taken in and you click off, up comes what they call the OTO (One Time Offer) To make you reconsider they offer you a lower price if you sign up with them immediately, stating of course this would never be on offer again.

2. If you have discovered a company and you do truly believe they are genuine, before you sign up, check them out. Using the search engines look for information regarding their business, not just their standard webpage but type in words like: scam or forum after their name. If previous buyers have had any trouble with the company you will discover their comments.

3. When you find what you believe to be a reputable business and they pass all your checks, ensure that you pay through someone like PayPal. If anything goes wrong you know you can always obtain a refund.

4. Never pay up front for the promise of any work. No genuine company is going to require any fees for you to join them. There are many sites who offer work at home opportunities like completing surveys, mystery shopping and more. All you will receive is list of companies, some of whom no longer exist or the addresses can be found on any internet search.

5. Another popular scam is assembling craft kits, for a fee they supply you with the necessary materials to complete the item. However when you return the finished article, you discover it does not meet with their approval and they refuse to pay you. From the beginning they were only interested in selling kits, not employing workers.

6. With the popularity of the eBook today there are many sites offering these for sale. When you find one that takes your interest, return to the search engines. Many eBooks are available for free; the scammers copy and pass them on for a price.

The internet today provides a wonderful opportunity for anybody to start a home business but everybody needs to be vigilant. By carefully researching you can find the genuine advisers who will help and guide you along your new online career.

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Comments (7)

This is such a vital piece of information. great job.

Ranked #1 in Work At Home

You covered the topic very well.

Ranked #4 in Work At Home

Excellent advice Lynda. The Internet abounds with Snake Oil Salesmen.

Great advice, thanks.

Great advice!! I am ashamed to admit I was a victim of number 4. I wish I have your article like 2 years before. :)

Ranked #18 in Work At Home

Hi Mary Jane, thanks for your comment sorry to hear you were a victim, the awful part of life is that the scam artists just keep getting bigger and stronger. I've bought a lot of ebooks over time, some were pure rubbish but thankfully I got a refund from PayPal.

Lucky for you, me I paid through my credit card so I didn't get a refund. But it spurred me to go looking for real online gigs to recoup my loss and I think I already have in more than a years worth of toiling. lol!