Review of Readbud-Genuine Site or is It Just Another Scam?
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Review of Readbud-Genuine Site or is It Just Another Scam?

This article is written in response to a question submitted asking if anyone was familiar with the Readbud site and if they had any tales to tell of this or any other rip off sites. I used to be registered on this site and have previously written about this site and my thoughts of whether it is a scam or not on another writing site.

Since reading the question and checking the site for the first time in over 12 months it looked exactly the same as it had the last time I visited, but I guess if you are claiming to pay out sums of money and then failing to complete those payments then site updates are not needed especially if it would actually mean the site paying out some real dollars.

Readbud first came to my attention in the month of September back in 2010; the offer to pay you for reading and rating articles appeared to be genuine with previous payments being made to clients having reached the minimum payout threshold. The signing up process was simple and within a few minutes the first articles to be rated were completed and the first few dollars were credited into my account.

For the first few days of using the readbud account more than one dollar each day was being credited to my account simply for reading a number of articles presented before me. Each article required a rating of one to five and then from three cents up to fifteen would be added as a reimbursement.

The ruling on the site did clearly state that payment would not be made until at least fifty dollars were in your account, at that time the number of articles available for reading and rating each day meant it would take about one month to achieve this figure, an easily achieved $50.

The articles continued to arrive each day at this rate until the level of around $30 was securely sitting in my account with around 20 articles to be rated each day and taking not much longer than this in minutes on each visit to the site. Once the figure had risen to around the $30 mark the available articles dropped down to only 2 or 3 and the larger paying articles also failed to appear as regularly. The daily achievable rate of one dollar dropped to sometimes as low as just twelve or fifteen cents.

I enquired as to what the problem was and why the sudden drop in articles and the reply informed me that technical issues were behind this as well as an increase in the number of people currently enrolled and using the site. On every occasion that you signed onto the site a figure was displayed claiming how many people were currently using the site; this figure whatever the time of day or night was always in the thousands.

The figure of $50 was getting closer and so I decided at that time to persist and continue until the $50 figure was achieved. As the figure to receive a payment got closer the number of articles once again increased. The minimum payout figure was reached after three months and not the one I had expected it to be. I provided my Paypal details and requested the commission due.

My knowledge of Paypal was such that I and anyone else I knew would receive payments into their accounts usually within minutes or at worst a few hours. Readbud claimed the payment takes up to 30 days before it would show in my account. I requested the payment in mid-December 2010, on the 31st of January 2011 I enquired as to when the money I was due to be reimbursed would arrive as it was well over the 30 day payment window.

I then repeatedly attempted to contact readbud to ask politely where the payment was and if they had simply forgotten to pay me then it was a polite reminder. The ‘contact us’ page on their site requests details such as your name, your email address and the complaint or issue you wish to raise. On completing these details and the code to prove you are not a machine you are then required to push the submit button and your email would be sent to the site. The submit button would not send the email to its intended target, whatever methods you tried the email could not be sent, I tried this on several occasions, all with the same result.

As stated at the top of this article it is a review of the site despite my personal knowledge or findings of how they operate. I wrote the original article and stated on that and will repeat a similar conclusion to my original findings. Back then I invited readbud to contact me directly so they could discuss their failure to honour their contract and pay not just me but any other individuals they owed commission to. Until the day they contact me I can only come to one conclusion about this site. I also invited anyone to contact me if they had genuinely received a payment from readbud. The original article received replies ranging from suspicion about the site to others in no doubt to what the site is. One reply claimed they were owed over $60 by readbud and any messages sent go unanswered. That person had also written a similar article on a writing site and the people that operate the site clearly are not concerned about the negative publicity written about their site.

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Comments (10)

It is shameful how sites lure people into the site and then things rapidily change for the worse than first mentioned.Thank you for your astute summary of this site.Much appreciated !

Makes me want to contact Google AdSense and report them as fraud, because they are luring people to 'view ads' whilst viewing the content under a contract, a contract that they violate by reducing their services to members until the quite altogether... In the meantime, the site owner has benefitted from out having viewed the ads shown on the pages we rated...

Saved me from ever falling prey to these cheats. Thanks a lot John....Recommended

Ouch. There are too many of these sites out there and it's nice to see them named and shamed!

Thanks for alerting everyone about this, John. It's a crime these exploitative sites exist.

Seems a case of what appears too good to be true really is that. Nice review to warn us all.

Thanks for the review of this site, John.  It's definitely one that I won't approach.

Excellent review John.

Yikes, thanks for sharing your personal experience with this website! I am now aware. That is awful. I hope you save others from having a similar experience.

An up-to-date message about the fate of that site. It was removed from the site by Yahoo and Google. The reason, they said, was because they encouraged reading and commenting on advertisements. Google willl toss anyone out who comments and reads and encourages others to click on ads.  It is a no! no. All writers know.

This was in the Google message boards and I heard about it and read it as well. I was doing the same thing. Waiting for the last few dollars to see if I got paid as promised. Again, they never paid

They are now gone for good unless they come back with another gimmick...

Thats the news!