What Are Valid Part Time Work from Home Jobs
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What Are Valid Part Time Work from Home Jobs

I need an additional $1500 a month, what are are my work at home options.

Asked on Jun 28, 2010Improve / edit this question

28 Answers

Sam Montana   L6: Pro (Ambassador: L2)   1,851 answers   +1,347 votes
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$1500 per month is a great deal of money. You have to look at your skills. Can you work from home doing some consulting. Can you start a computer repair business from home or write web pages for people. Other than starting your own business I can only think of companies that hire people to do telephone work from home. One company I have heard fairly good things about is called Alpine Access. You could do that and deliver newspapers, if you still have a local paper. That might get you to $1500 per month. Where I live, delivering the local paper pays between $600 and $800 per month.

Posted on Jun 28, 2010
Yvette Brooks   L2: Contributor   13 answers   +9 votes
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Listen to this brief recording 512-505-6811 &/or visit this site www.iboplus.com/ybrooks

Also, Good Morning America recently did a review on this company Check it Out!

How We Earn An Income From Home - We get payments two different ways
First off, AmeriPlan® pays us a commission for every application we submit. For a membership application for a new customer we get anywhere from $35-$107 based upon which benefit plan they have chosen. The lower end advanced commission is for a dental membership and the higher end is full family medical membership. Now remember, this is what you get for just typing up their application and submitting it to our corporate office down in Dallas. They service these customers for you.

IBO application, AmeriPlan® pays us $15.00 residual income.

This commission check that you earn is mailed to you the very next day.

The second way we earn an income is even better than the first way. We can build up a residual income for ourselves. Every month AmeriPlan® tallies up all the money that they are bringing in for that month which originated with you (e.g. you did the initial application form). They tally it up and they give you 30%). They give you anywhere between $6-$18 for every membership. It doesn't matter if you introduced them into AmeriPlan® years ago, you continue to earn your money.

For every IBO you brought into AmeriPlan®, as long as they are still enrolled, AmeriPlan® will give you a residual income of 30% or $15.00 for each one, even if it's been years since you introduced them into the company.

As an example, let's say you helped a family two years ago sign up with our full medical plan. You received a one time commission of $107. Every month (starting with month 7) this family pays a $60 monthly fee to AmeriPlan®, you receive $18 of that $60 This business really does build up. Imagine if you enrolled 10 new customers a month for the next two years... for the next five years... etc.

For each new IBO you enroll you earn $15.00 a month residual for them. But, if this IBO has a team under them they will receive their residual income and YOU will receive 15% off of their team! So you see it's not just you working this business. We really are a team of people working together.

This business is yours. You own it. Your paychecks will come from AmeriPlan® and be addressed to you. You can will this to a spouse or your children and then your residual income checks will be address to them. It's a way you can leave behind a financial legacy and take care of your family. I don't know of any 'job' that will continue to pay your family once you're gone.

I hope that you can see the GEM in this company. You CAN reach that goal of "$1500/month".


Posted on Aug 19, 2010
Madeesea Albino   L2: Contributor   3 answers   +6 votes
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Odesk is one of the boomer work from home website now, around the world. There are lots of work their that you can choose, regards to your skills.This is Legit and free membership. You have to join and and do your profile then post it so that they can match them your job qualification. They will send you an allerts message if they have an opening. Rates is different, they do have per hour payment and project based. You might earn $700 to $1500 per month. You could do the multi-tasking skills to earn more money. You may check this site for your reference: http://www.odesk.com/

Posted on Aug 19, 2010
Mark   L4: Guide   21 answers   +22 votes
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$1500 is quite hefty. They basically said it all, except one, so I just wanted to warn you. It's super easy to find online jobs that will pay you $1500 up to $10,000 a month without any effort at all. You can sit back and relax and you will get rich quickly. If you bump in to something like that, turn your back immediately. It's a fraud.

If something seems too good to be true, then it most usually is.

Posted on Aug 19, 2010
Computer Consultant   L1: Member   2 answers   +1 votes
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The best part time home based work is Freelancing websites. With the help of these you can start earning income.

Posted on Aug 25, 2010
Drona Negi   L3: Expert   6 answers   +0 votes
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1500 dollars would be a very large sum of money, it might not be possible to make something like that from home every months unless one works very had. Writing sites require a lot of time and effort, and even after a few months and a few hundred articles, you can expect only about a few dollars every month.

Writng Books would be a better idea and they can provide a lot of extra income if you can find a good publisher.

Posted on Aug 26, 2010
Pat Veretto   L4: Guide   104 answers   +38 votes
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I wrote an article called "Top 10 Valid Work at Home Jobs."  It's entirely possible to make $1500 a month working from home if you set your mind to it.

Posted on Aug 30, 2010
steve phillips   L1: Member   2 answers   +0 votes
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Legitimate work at home jobs can provide a flexible solution for any schedule: ... students, retired, or anyone interested in honest legitimate part time work.






Earn an Extra $1000 to $1200 per month doing Part Time Data Entry Jobs! Work from home data entry jobs to post simple data submissions on Internet. Make $1 per entry. Easy form filling, data entry and ad posting jobs. No selling, No phone calls, No Marketing. No Investment. Bi-weekly payments. Full Training Provided. Pls visit: [url=http://www.dataentrywork.net/?id=26201] Data-Entry [/url]

Posted on Aug 31, 2010
Natalie Begil   L2: Contributor   183 answers   +67 votes
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Earning money from home can be very simple, if you know where to look! I started out with a company called Textbroker and am making around $1000 a month there. I have been working there for around six months and really enjoy it! All you need to do is head to their site at www.textbroker.com and fill out the application to become an author. Thay many clients and are working on adding more. They rate your articles and then give feedback. The articles range anywhere from $2-10.00 or more. Check them out, and regardless of anyone says, they are not a scam. I have recieved my payout every two weeks like they promised.

Natalie Begil

Posted on Aug 31, 2010
Thomas DiZazzo   L2: Contributor   4 answers   +11 votes
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Rob a Brinx truck

Posted on Nov 21, 2010
Sherry Pinamonti   L2: Contributor   8 answers   +1 votes
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Posted on Nov 21, 2010
Sherry Pinamonti   L2: Contributor   8 answers   +1 votes
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Factoidz ate my response!  Yikes! Sorry for the empty one prior to this message!

I work as a Generalist/Specialist for ChaCha.  I believe they are currently hiring Expeditors.  ChaCha is a human powered search engine of sorts.  People text, type, or phone in questions, and guides do the research and send back the answers.  As an Expeditor, you can expect to earn about $.02 per query.  Gen/Specs earn about $.10 per query.  You act as an independent contractor, and are paid on the fifteenth of each month if you opt for direct deposit.  There is a "pay me now" option that allows you to pay out whenever you reach a certain balance (not sure what it is, as I use the direct deposit option).  If you do pay me now, your money is loaded onto a debit card that you can use anywhere.

You can apply at becomeaguide.chacha.com.  If you enter my email address (spinamonti@gmail.com) as the referral address, I will get credit if you are hired.  Of course, this is not required - you are welcome to apply without a referral!  I would appreciate the credit, though...so THANK YOU if you do use my name.  :-)

I love being a ChaCha guide.  It's a lot of fun, I've learned a ton of new things, and I'm earning extra money for Christmas shopping.  There are lots of opportunities to earn bonuses, and regular contests that allow you to earn extra cash, as well.  You are very unlikely to earn an extra $1500 a month, but depending on how much time you put into it, you can easily earn a couple hundred dollars each month.

Hope that helps,


Posted on Nov 21, 2010
Inforead   L3: Expert   14 answers   +16 votes
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If I may and this might help, to anybody reading this I'd also like to suggest


where we're giving money away to surfers of our site on a regular basis. Please support it everybody!

Posted on Dec 22, 2010
Jennifer Magnesi   L3: Expert   12 answers   +47 votes
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You can do it with persistence and vigilance. WAHM.com is the best resource for jobs, literally hundreds of companies in their forum, with feedback from workers about working for these companies.

Of them include freelance writing sites, graphic design, telephone sales, indirect marketing, sales for companies like Avon, and a lot more to choose from.

Posted on Dec 26, 2010
Deepak Gupta   L3: Expert   21 answers   +12 votes
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Article marketing and online form filling jobs if you get the responsible work provider who does not cheat u

Posted on Dec 28, 2010
Akshay Giram   L2: Contributor   21 answers   +11 votes
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Internet Marketing is a great source of income, if it is done in proper way and with honesty. There are many marketing programs, of which some are fake and some work really great. In marketing, you've to promote products of other companies to recieve commissions from them. But, I know a website which sells itself to you and then you have to sell it to others. That means you will own a copy of that website with copyrights and you have to sell it to make a 100% profit, i.e, you are going to keep all the money recieved from the sale. You are going to own the website and sell a copy of it to others, that's why you will be your own boss. If you even make a 1000 sales per month, you will be receiving several thousands of dollars. You just need to promote your website and make people to purchase it. This website sells itself for a very low cost. Its affordable for everyone. And that's the thing why more people will purchase it. I gurantee you, that You will get more than 1500 dollars per month. I have also purchased one and I am currently earning some $1800 dollars per month. Please visit the website for more details and that affordable cost:



Thanks... and all money seekers and job seekers can rely on this for guranteed income...

Posted on Jan 14, 2011
Nick Purcell   L3: Expert   11 answers   +3 votes
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I don't know how you can make that much per month online. But I make from $30-$50 per month online. I use:







Posted on Jan 27, 2011
Raymond H Lee   L2: Contributor   43 answers   +20 votes
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I;m with modeesea - I signed up with oDesk as well and in about 3 weeks am working for two different companies. Putting in about 20 hours a week I have made just under $500.

There are also opportunities for customer service reps. You sit at home and answer customer calls (forwarded to you). Some of them are on oDesk other like Alpine are stand alone companies.

Posted on Jan 28, 2011
Jennifer Alston   L3: Expert   8 answers   +7 votes
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I've written an article in response to this question:

Legitimate Part-time Work from Home Jobs

An article with legitimate work-at-home opportunities, included is a list of work-at-home careers and jobs that have been researched, tested and proven to pay their employees and have work available. — continue reading...

Posted on Jan 28, 2011
Adam Saad   L2: Contributor   5 answers   +1 votes
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Hi all, why all this is only for USA and the peoples having working permission for USA only ? why can't be others ?

Posted on Jan 31, 2011
Linda   L2: Contributor   68 answers   +16 votes
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The link posted by Y. Brooks does not work so you might want to contact her and see what else to do with that. Also be aware that this is a multilevel marketing thing (MLM) so everyone she, or you, refers who works for the company will make for the person who referred them.

Posted on Jan 31, 2011
Jazz Chaves   L1: Member   1 answers   +0 votes
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You can write articles from various blogs or websites or maybe an SEO assistant. I suggest writing articles would be great since you don't need any experience on it - you just have to be good in grammar and spelling. Speaking of the best places to look for these kinds of jobs, outsourcing sites like oDesk and Guru would be great. You can bid for projects here that requires article writing in various topics. Of course you must bid a reasonable price, meaning both you and the employer are not ripped off. For instance in oDesk, if it's your first time you probably won't get hired directly because of competition so you have to bid low and only bid on simple projects. There are actually a lot of projects posted there. You can slowly increase your bids when you already have a good rating and feedback and also more completed jobs since these are what contractors check when they hire people for more complex jobs and of course high paying rates. You can read oDesk Reviews to know more about how the system works and for more ideas on how to be effective in working at home.

Posted on Mar 14, 2011
Catherine Booth   L2: Contributor   4 answers   +0 votes
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I used to do ironing from home. I charged $20 per hour.  If you need $1500 a month then you need to do 75 hours per month of ironing. That breaks down to about 19 hours per week of ironing, or about 4 hours per day in a 5 day work week.

I achieved that easily. I had about 4 clients a day, 5 days a week. My neighbor took over my business when I ended it and she is still doing it today, about 6 years later, and doing very well indeed.

Posted on Mar 15, 2011
Peter Bilton   L5: Authority   24 answers   +18 votes
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If you can write 7000 factoidz articles making an average of 0.20 cents per month each, you could make about $1400 per month. That would only take you about 19.4 years writing 30 articles a month. But then again I guess you have already thought of that, lol.   

Posted on Mar 15, 2011
macy anderson   L1: Member   1 answers   +0 votes
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Posted on Mar 17, 2011
doll tyker   L1: Member   2 answers   +0 votes
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It is really difficult to find real part time job. you can start off with click to pay, which pays very less. You can look into Mturk.com you might like it.

Acrylic Photo Frames

Posted on Mar 19, 2011
James Tiger   L2: Contributor   5 answers   +1 votes
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I have recently started with CloudCrowd and managed to make $100 in one week. Its really great... there are various jobs (writing articles, editing, web research, data entry) and they pay very well (highest as I have seen online). If you pass their credential test you can start working in desired area. Payment is by Paypal (daily, with no minimum withdraw). Check it out! Cheers!

Posted on Mar 19, 2011
knowing last   L1: Member   26 answers   +0 votes
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There are many ways to earn money through offline and online from home itself.Through offline you can make any handicrafts,confectionery or any such product and sell it.You can get orders based on the quality of your work.Through online you can earn by writing blogs,articles,ad-sense,affiliate marketing and other such ways.The recent trend in earning through online is by doing reselling business.You can resell products or if you become a member with Goresellers.com you can start reselling web services.Since many people are keen in starting their business in online they will be in need of domain,hosting, e-commerce,shopping cart and other such web related services.You can quote a reasonable price for the services that you are provided with and sell it.For each sale you will be paid
on commissioned basis.All these are ways to earn money through online and you can select the mode that you are comfortable with.

Posted on Jun 19, 2013

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