Pros and Cons Of Working From Home Vs. Renting An Office To Work From
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Pros and Cons Of Working From Home Vs. Renting An Office To Work From

This is an article for anyone who is trying to make a living working from home. This article helps you make the decision of whether you should work out of your home, or rent a small space. Here are some pros and cons associated with both scenarios. If you are trying to work from home you will definitely need an office space. Where your office is depends on many things.

The most common place for a home office to be is of course home. However, sometimes people just can’t work out of their home. Either the space is limited or there are too many distractions. Consider the reason why you chose to work at home. Was it because you needed to make money from home or because you wanted to work for yourself?

If you work at home because you couldn’t work outside of the home then the biggest pro of keeping your office at home is that you don’t have to leave home. Parents often need to work from home. The main pro is being home with the children. Another pro is that all you need to do is clean out a room and create an office. Your electric is paid, your phone, internet, etc. is already being paid for anyway so why not?

A con of renting an office space when you have children is you will not be home with your kids. Another con of renting an office space vs. working from a home office is that you will have a separate electric bill, phone bill, heat bill, internet bill, etc. You will also spend gas money driving to get to your office. That is a con.

A pro of working from your home is that there is no travel expense. However, if you began working from home because you solely wanted to work for yourself, and if you do not need to be home with children, an office outside the home may be your next step. Depending on your financial situation you could end up bringing in more profit if you rented an office space.

If your business needs customers and traffic then an office in the city may be a major pro for you. The con would be staying home where there are no customers. It all depends on your situation. If you just feel that working from home is just too distracting then, no, I wouldn’t recommend renting an office. I would say close your office door or adjust you work schedule. The cons of renting an office space would outweigh the pros. You would end up losing money. There are ways to make your home office more private or quiet.

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Comments (2)

Working from home is so beneficial. Can always arrange meetings in a cafe or library if need be. Nice work.

I can see the importance of both sides; working from home and renting an office space.  I work from home right now in my own office, but I'd love to rent out an office space one day.  I feel it's extremely professional, a great environment in order to be productive and a place where you can meet clients in a quiet environment.  However, for now I work from my home office and meet clients at a coffee shop or a business center that is local.

Kristin @ Infopoint Virtual Solutions