Mturk Earning Guide
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Mturk Earning Guide

Mturk guide for understanding the Mturk system


Mturk (Mechanical Turk) is a service offered by Amazon (a leading online eStore) through which people can get their work done by someone else in exchange of giving him money. And if you are dedicated to this work, then you can make a lot of money through it. Mturk is basically a medium between people who want their work done (like writing an article, categorizing things, finding some sort of website, etc) and people who want to work online and earn. There are thousands of tasks available to do at Mturk. So now, we can say that Mturk service provides two things:

1- To get your work done quickly.

2- To earn at home by doing work for people.


In this guide, we will only discuss about the second point above which is earning money from Mturk.


1- Click on 'Worker' written at the top right of the homepage (

2- Write your email address.

3- Mark the option 'I am a new user'.

4- Click the 'Sign in using our secure server' button.

5- Fill in the required information on the page.

6- Press ' Create a new account' button.

7- Read the terms and conditions.

8- Select your Nation.

9- Fill in the information about your residence.

10- A confirmation email will be sent to your email address.

11- Your Mturk account is created successfully.


1- Click the same 'Worker' written at the top right of the homepage.

2- Enter your email address.

3- Enter your password.

4- Click the 'Sign in using our secure server' button.

5- You have successfully signed into your Mturk account.


1- Click on 'Your Account' option to check your account details.

2- Click 'HITS' options to do check the tasks that are available on Mturk.

3- Click 'Qualifications' option to see that what qualifications you have got and to obtain new qualifications.


1- Click the 'HITs' option in your profile.

2- In this section, you will see that some HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks) are of skinny color, these are the HITs for which you are not qualified for. You can see the reason for which you are not qualified for these HITs by clicking on '(Why?)' in front of the HITs. Then a new window will be opened in which reasons will be written for which you are not qualified for the HIT. There may be reasons like you are not qualified because of your location or your HITs approval rate or some qualification that you do not have. You can request this qualification by clicking on 'Request Qualification'. Then you will have to take a test for it or there will be no test and you will be granted qualification.

3- For your easiness, you can click on the option 'HITs available to you' so that only the HITs for which you are qualified come in front of you.

4- Select a HIT which you like and then Click the 'View a HIT in this group' option to do the hit.

5- And then you can accept the HIT by clicking on the 'Accept HIT' button or you can click on the skip HIT option to see the next HIT available in the batch.

NOTE: Remember that if you will do a HIT wrongly then it will affect your account and eventually your HITs rejection rate will increase and HITs approval rate will decrease. And the HITs requesters want the best of the best workers to do their HITs, and you will not be able to do the HITs in the end. So be careful when doing a HIT.


There are some fraudulent HITs also, which will not pay you. Most of these HITs will be like 'come quickly very easy HIT'. You will become familiar with all of them once you will start working on Mturk.


There are some requesters which are very old in this business and they always pay. Some of them are CrowdFlower/Dolores Labs, rohzit0d, CastingWords, Amazon Requester Inc., Robot Intelligence, Piggy Bank etc.


You will not get your earned money at Mturk in cash unless you live in US. If you live in US then you can transfer your money to your bank account. And for US or non-US people, you can also transfer your earned money at Mturk to your account and then buy goods from For transferring your money to your account:

1- Click 'Account Settings' in your profile.

2- Click the ' Transfer your earnings to your gift certificate balance'

3- Sign in to your account for confirmation.

4- Enter the amount of money you want to your transfer to your account.

5- Click 'Transfer'.

6- Now you can buy anything you want from using your gift balance.


There is a forum for discussing Mturk and its HITs. This will definitely help you. The link is:

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