Earn Money Writing Online Articles
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Earn Money Writing Online Articles

Earn Money Writing Articles online with two simple tips that can make or break your site and article submissions. The written word is vital to the creation of content on the Internet, but there are many people who do not know how to earn money writing articles online. The usage of these two simple tips will vastly improve the earning power of your articles and improve your chances of earning a living as a writer.

The average Internet goer will begin their attempts at developing a money making blog or freelance writing business by focusing on their content and trying to make a name for themselves on paid-to-write article submission sites. This may or may not work out for them due to several factors. However, there are two key tips that can be utilized to rapidly increase their ability to earn online writing income.

Infrastructure: Build It and They Will Come

The mistake most beginning writers make when they attempt to earn online writing income is that they expect that all they need to do is write quality content and sit back. They believe that viewers will magically find their blog or article submissions and they will live comfortably forever. This is not the case. If no one knows that the article exists it might be months before it begins to show up in search results due to keyword density and extremely bored individuals who click through several results pages when they search for keywords.

One of the first, if not the first, things that a would-be writer on the Internet should do is to build a marketing framework for their articles and blog posts. Join several social networking sites. Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Digg, Stumbleupon, and Reddit are all very useful tools. Build a social and professional presence on each of these sites. Try to spend at least a minimum of one hour per day posting something on each of these sites. Once you start writing articles or blog posts place links to these posts and articles on your networking site profiles. One link per day, per site equals seven links to your content every day. That's 210 backlinks to your content each month and over 2500 backlinks per year. While the links will take very little time to post the rest of the hour should still be used to socialize on appropriate sites. People are more likely to click on links that you post when they know who you are.

The subject of backlinks is an important one to consider as well. While receiving links from seven major social networking and content submission sites will greatly bolster site views the most important links are internal. Make certain that people can find articles or blog posts on your site. Link posts together on your site or on the article submission sites that you work with. This provides opportunities for viewers to continue to view your content and generate more income on your behalf.

Update Often

Many people burn-out on article writing or blogging because they attempt to write several articles or blog posts per day. This is inevitable. However, it is entirely possible to create content and post it frequently without running afoul of burn-out syndrome. Create a dedicated schedule and stick to it. If you write for article submission sites choose to do so solely between specific times of day. Do not create a schedule that involves a specific amount of articles that must be written per day. This will relieve some of the pressure and allow you to write at a natural pace. If you write both articles for article submission sites and for your own blog you should use your blog as your frequently chosen update source. 

Write articles on article submission sites for either quick money or as a means of making residual income while driving traffic to your blog. Make one or two key blog posts per day interspersed with non-key blog posts. A key blog post is a lengthier and more in-depth content offering that provides certain information in great detail. A non-key blog post may be written about something relevant to your work or perhaps a quick update speaking about an article that you have written. It may even be about the key blog post that you recently posted. One lengthy article or key blog post per day may be more than enough if several short and sweet posts are made as well.

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