Earn Money Blogging for Bubblews
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Earn Money Blogging for Bubblews

Have you been seeking a site that pays you to post your thoughts on any subject? Bubblews.com may be your future vehicle of expression. The site is so new that they will literally take any original content and happily pay you for posting it. If you want to make easy money and have a chance at a decent residual income, consider Bubblews!

The relatively new site Bubblews.com is an interesting location on the web for those who enjoy earning money with their words. This site opened in mid-to-late 2012 and has enjoyed routine growth spurts since then. They have a simple payout concept known as 'redemption' and offer the chance to earn fairly good money as passive income once the site has grown more. However, some are uncertain of its business model and several individuals express payment concerns. Most of the issues seem to come from the fact that the site is still new and undergoing growing pains. What site isn't currently, afterall?

Is Bubblews worth working with as a writing platform? It is still early to say, but after a few tests it does seem to provide a legitimate paltform to offer content. If nothing else the site can be used as a place to gather backlinks. The main problem currently is spam from people who don't want to contribute more than a sentence or two at a time. Yes, that is correct. You may contribute as little as one or two sentences and still earn money for it.

Bubblews allows the poster to literally post about anything. The first post I placed on the site earned a dollar. I determined that this was just a welcome to the site sort of bonus as none of the posts I made afterward earned as much. I joined the site yesterday and currently I am in the midst of testing the platform and earning potential of each of my news bubbles. A few short quirky posts have garnered over $3 so far and it has me intrigued. Some posters seem to think the site is a scam simply because the earning potential is so 'high'. I almost laughed myself silly at the idea considering how much more you can earn on other sites currently. Consider the difference between one consumer report or official review article that you may write on Knoji.com versus the lose change you can earn of Bubblews if you need a reference.

However, I am interested in the future of the site. Bubblews has a great deal of potential. Once more internal and external traffic begins to grow they will no doubt retool their payment policies. Currently you receive money for evey view, like/dislike, comment, and social media share that your individual posts receive. If you can acquire a massive influx of traffic at any given time Bubblews may be one of your best passive income streams.

Overall, Bubblews seems like it may be a legitimate site currently undergoing growing pains. It pays at a higher level than some other passive income sites, many others in fact, but due to its rawness and recent appearance on the web there is no way to know how well the site will perform in the future. My suggestion is that you give the site a try, but do not jump ship from another writing site in order to work their exclusively. Build a following and grow your number of posts just in case the site does perform well in the future. Can you imagine what it would have been like for you if you'd gotten in on the ground floor of Hubpages or Knoji back when it was Factoidz? You would have had little internal competition and a great deal of authority if your articles proved to be worthy instruments of knowledge expression!

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Comments (5)

It will be interesting to learn more about this site, its members and leadership from your presence there in the future. Thanks for sharing.

Ranked #20 in Work At Home

Thank you for reading Eric. :)

I am new to blogging, and I enjoyed reading your blog so much! It helped me get inspired to be consistent with it and you mentioned quite a few GREAT tips that I am going to apply in my future blogs. I really appreciate this information!

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Thank you for your sharing, I will introduce to my friends about this website, I think they will like it because it’s an interesting entertainment


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Fast approaching my first $25 redemption. Very cool site.