Do You Want to Earn Money Writing Online Articles?
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Do You Want to Earn Money Writing Online Articles?

Ready to earn money writing online articles using simple free methods? Googles Sites and Google AdSense provide key components to the simplest online article writing success stories. Learn how to create quick article writing sites as a means of earning a passive income that can conceivably last as long as the internet.

The current market for writing online articles as a freelancer is both rapidly dwindling and expanding at the same time. On one side of this scenario is the income that can be earned. On the other side of the market is the opportunity to write and earn said income. The Internet has grown considerably since its inception. The day and time wherein anyone could slap together a quick blog and earn massive income simply by its existence is long gone. The ease of use provided by website and blog creation software has made the creation of personal sites and article submission sites almost ridiculously easy to utilize for most people. This factor is the direct cause of the dual-nature of earning money through online article writing and blogging. 

There are more people surfing the web and with the increased traffic there are also increased possibilities to earn an income writing online articles. However, the increase in web-surfers also provides a great deal more competition due to the ready usage of WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) creation software. Anyone can have a website using a site such as Google Sites or a blog site such as BlogSpot. In less than five minutes a basic blog or site can be created and ready to content placement. The greatest factors for success in the modern online market for freelance writing through a blog site are advertising of the site, monetization techniques, and killer content. These differentiate the fly-by-night blog of the neophyte from the long term web entrepreneur. 

Those newly arrived individuals who want to earn money writing online articles may be best be served by either utilizing an article submission site such as or a free website creation platform such as Google Sites. Google Sites provide the site owner with a subdomain for free, direct means of adding Google AdSense to the site, a well-designed back-end control panel scheme and the ability to monetize the site freely. The site owner can create up to five free sites per week and monetize it any way they like. It should be noted that sometimes external html codes that are added to the site will not work properly. 

It is easy to customize a Google Site and it requires no knowledge of html to create a workable page that is easy to navigate and filled with killer content. If the site owner can abide by the AdSense TOS they can have it monetized quickly once they have a few key content pieces placed on the site. A few unique content relevant blog posts or articles are all that it takes to meet the basic requires for Google AdSense. This defeats two of the most difficult obstacles of starting a new blog or article writing site online. The site owner can create a reasonably attractive site in less than an hour, far less if they do not desire anything fancy. This will allow the new writer to focus on creating content and advertising the site.

If Google Sites does not quite work for the writer's needs they may try BlogSpot. This site provides a free blogging platform as well. The site is also easy to use and provides the capacity to create both a generic blog and a detailed blogging platform complete with static pages. In short, it can be a simple blog or a fully fleshed website. One example of a basic BlogSpot site is the site Earn Online Writing Income.

Online advertising can be a tricky thing. Creating an advertising campaign for a new website can be a daunting task due to the incredible number of methods for advertising sites online. Focus on creating content that is useful and unique as a primary method of garnering interest initially. Follow this with classifieds listings, articles written on article submission sites, and possibly paid advertising with professional bloggers who blog and create links on behalf of your site. Try to only work with advertisers who use 'White Hat' methods. Companies such as Google watch their metrics like a proverbial hawk and using shady or 'Black Hat' methods can cause lots of frustration and grief if they ban a suspicious account. 

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Comments (2)

Hello Scottie. Has Google disabled the one linked to above Online Writing Income, or is it temporarily down? Thanks, Eric

Ranked #20 in Work At Home

It seems that they have disabled it. I looked into it and there is some weird TOS violation or something that makes no sense. I posted that link because I was testing Google to see how well their sites work and created that site. I still have no idea what TOS violation I did and they aren't really being all that forth coming.

I'd suggest trying to work with Blogspot instead.  You can create static pages, and even a static homepage with a few work arounds.  Google is still involved but they don't seem as anal-retentive on that site. I moved the articles from the google site to a new blogspot site. I might edit this article to add in some information about Blogspot and re-link to the site through there if the appeal doesn't clear anything up.