Do You Want To Earn Money Blogging?
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Do You Want To Earn Money Blogging?

Do you want to earn money blogging? Within the confines of this article you will learn two basic, often overlooked, facts related to the creation of unique content and the secrets of proper presentation for site visitor retention. Learn what most new bloggers do wrong and discover the secret to maintaining a large, happy, readership utilizing two very simple tips!

There are a lot of people who want to earn money blogging. Acquiring a steady blogging income can be difficult to come by if you do not understand a few basic do's and don'ts of writing content online. Two of the most basic components of earning an online income through blogging are unique content and presentation. Many people fail at one or both of these tasks. In order to avoid failure and earn money blogging it is important to work with each of these components individually in order to completely utilize their functionality.

Unique Content Versus Original Content

Unique content may very well be the easiest component to master. There is no secret to the creation of unique blog content creation beyond the one golden rule, "There is no unique content but the content that I create." Repeat this fact in your mind as you consider how to craft your blog. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with employing writers to fill your blog with content or the allowance of guest authors to create blog content for your site, there is also no true guarantee that the content is 100% original.

There are many programs on the Internet that can be used to verify that the word sequence is original, such as Copyscape; however this does not mean that unique and interesting concepts are used in the content. A re-hash of previously written content can be passed off as original and unique due to rewrites. However, truly unique content must involve fresh ideas with bold dynamics and possibly a dash of humor. Here is an example of the difference between unique content and original content: A blog post that focuses on teaching a reader how to find a good dating site. The unique content article may have several paragraphs explaining the funcitons of two or three dating websites and provide links to these sites. The original content article will provide this same information but may also include anecdotal evidence of first-hand experience using these sites to communicate with people. The first post has the necessary components to provide a desired type of information but it is no different than any other dating site review blog post. The second post provides all of the basic desired information and then provides something that is both unique and original for the reader to consider.

If you desire to earn money blogging then your blogging income will be best secured via your own painstaking content creation efforts and detailed research. Feel free to pad your site or blog with purchased or guest content, but make certain that there are many truly original and innovative ideas in your content. If your blog is filled with re-hashed material it will be difficult to maintain a readership.

Presentation Techniques

There is an often overlooked factor when it comes to creating your own blogging income through a personal blog. This factor is presentation. There are several ways to present your content in a bold or refreshing way that may allow for increased visitor retention. Two of the most commonly overlooked presentation factors are font type and size, and the number of characters per line of text. While it may not be possible to change the font size or type on an article submission site, the same is not true of a personally crafted blog. The vast majority of sites on the Internet employ a basic 12 point font scheme. This is not a good thing. 12 point font may range from small to tiny depending on the useful fonts available. Increase the font size to 16 point font, or a size larger than normal on those pre-designed sites used for blogging purposes. This will make your content much easier to read. This is especially true for your visitors who are over the age of 40. 

Another factor to consider when attempting to earn money blogging is per-line character length. If you were to count the number of letters and spaces in many websites you will notice that there is little uniformity among the non-professional sites. Some sites will present content in very short, clipped, lines with less than 50 characters. Other sites may use small font with 200 characters or more. You will find that a per-line character length of around 70 - 90 combined with an Aerial font set at 16 points in size will provide an easy-to-read experience that does not strain the eyes. The short, clipped, 50 character lines will quickly strain the eye. The 200 character line may cause mental fatigue or boredom as the reader tries to follow the entire page. 


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