Working at Home: Balancing Business Needs with Personal Responsibilities
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Working at Home: Balancing Business Needs with Personal Responsibilities

Working at home: maintaining a work-life balance

Too many people who work at home spend more time working than living, sacrificing their home life for their work. With your office just down the hall it’s easy enough to wander into your work environment and find things that need to be done at the expense of your family, often causing family members to resent your decision to work at home. This resentment can have long-term effects on your relationship, as well as with your friends.

Just as your home business can suffer if you allow home distraction to take away from your work schedule, your home life can suffer if you allow your business to consume your every waking hour. If you find yourself thinking about work from the time you wake up until the time you go to sleep, it may be time to step back and examine your priorities.

Yes. There will be many times, especially as you get your business established, that you will need to spend more time either working or networking your business to get it off the ground; but there have to be limits to the amount of time you spend working so as to protect your family life. It won’t take long for your spouse and children to feel that they are not as important to you as your business. When this happens, you may have a long road back to recovering the closeness you want with your family. 

Just as you must establish a work schedule to help keep you on track with your home business, you must also establish a home schedule to keep you involved with your family. If your have children are involved in outside activities, you must schedule your work, whenever possible, around those activities to remain a part of their lives. When you start to miss out on these types of events, you will soon find they don’t need you as much or want to spend as much time with you.

Your spouse, or other family members may understand the time you spend working to provide for them, but they do not want you to become isolated from the family, sacrificing family time for the money. They might understand the needs of the business, but only to a point. When establishing your work schedule, be sure to include enough time for family events as well as enough time for yourself. If you have a hobby or an outside activity you enjoy, schedule it into your life to insure you don’t lose out on what’s important in your personal life as well.

Failing to put your family life on par with your work life, will put your entire life out of balance. Keeping your work and personal life balanced is also an important part of maintaining your perspective on what’s important to you and your family.

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