10 Work at Home Myths Part 3
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10 Work at Home Myths Part 3

I can't agree more that "time freedom" is the most attractive bonus in this line of work. But with experience, I learned to hate it as much as I hated my boss. You will hate it as well.

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Work at Home Myth #8 You Will Get Rich Quick

Don't be very positive about this. Working from home may be instant: Just turn on your desktop, open notepad, and type something. You could easily call that work.

But unfortunately it takes a lot of time and patience before you get a glimpse of the gold. During the first few months, your bank account is going to be miserable, your pocket worse. So don't quit your day job. It is prudent to keep your nine-to-five work until you start seeing some cold hard cash, or else there won't be any food on the table.

Work at Home Myth #9 The Investment

The investment for online work varies according to which specific kind of work you are getting yourself into.

Just Work:

If you don't personally like complicity, your slogan probably reads "just put me to work." If this is you, you should forget paying. No one is asking you to pay and work. Since you are the one to do the work, you should get paid, and not the other way around. Everything else classifies as scam.

Online Business:

Any form of home based job that requires investment is called an online business. The most common variety is a website. In a website, you have to provide your own content to attract traffic. Then you funnel that traffic into your affiliates, sponsors, or advertisements. That way, you could generate income.

The first thing you have to consider, however, is your capital. A website is a business, so you better treat it like one. There are the annual domain registration fees, the monthly web hosting fees, software costs, programmer fees, and offline provisions like electricity, device maintenance, etc. You will have to handle all of the above on your own. You have to be your own accountant and manager.

Work at Home Myth #10 Time Freedom

I can't agree more that "time freedom" is the most attractive bonus in this line of work. But with experience, I learned to hate it as much as I hated my boss. You will hate it as well.

What working from home does is take the pleasures of time freedom and lurch it back at you. There is "distraction," "procrastination," and "laziness." No matter how upstanding a citizen you are, these three will infect you like a disease. In no time, people would start questioning why they can't bother you. You are at home, sitting at the living room with your laptop. But why can't you spare an hour or two watching tv with them?

In the end, you would wish your boss back.

(Number 10 is also pretty obvious in this 3 part article. By getting this far, you should have realized how lazy I am and how hard it was to complete something so simple. Freelance writing is a boss-less universe. Working like that is not as easy and as pleasing as it sounds.)

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You have put me in serious business at his point Marc, thanks for these

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